Wednesday, March 6, 2002  [!]

Sweet One of the most thrilling things about these last two days is counting the first seven jasmine blossoms that open up on the plant on my front porch. Prediction for spring: fragrant! mmmmmm!

Flags Silly voting factoid: The walk to the house where election polls are has lots of little "go here!" "no, go here!" red herrings... many more American flags are flying in front of houses today than there were during the last election. Nope, this isn't the polling place. Walk, walk, walk. Nope, that isn't the polling place. That flag a little further down must be it.

Marching back to June?? Sacramento Bee: Dan Walters: March primary experience should spark a return to rational June date I'm still disoriented by March elections.

Ironically, the Democratic politicians behind Proposition 45 are the same ones who foisted the early primary on California, so its defeat, if it happens, would be rough justice.
Everyone lov— er, hates a winner Here's one for the election winners: Research Shows Just How Much People Hate A Winner [via A joshua tree in every pot]

March on Washington Doc's got an idea. A good one. I picture the stops and people like the Soggy Bottom Boys singing and playing. Or the other acts that were in O Radio, Where Art Thou? —er, I mean, O Brother, Where Art Thou? Hmmm. Thinking back to the Grammys, is there a connection between the music and its belong-to-the-people grassroots and the current state of the music industry?

Word MetaData I've always wondered what the summary info is for a Word Document (and those keywords and how one can look things up by that), and a search for Summary resulted in this: How to minimize metadata in Word documents