Thursday, January 31, 2002  [!]

Last day of January.... Two more days till Groundhog day, the halfway point between winter and spring (no matter whether the shadow is seen or not).

Jack Smith and... Jack Smith was a columnist at the L.A. Times. He wrote a book in the 70s called God and Mr. Gomez, about the building of a vacation home in Baja California. I read it when it first came out and knew someone else who had a property in the same area (under Mr. Gomez' jurisdiction) in Baja. So... some related links for you...

Jack Smith bio

God and Mr. Gomez book review

one good Baja tale deserves another. Vee Webber describes marrying a man who had A Place in Mexico and the adventures that ensued there.

a description of Ensenada that includes a little of Jack Smith's prose. Hm! I always knew about the sailboat race from Newport to Ensenada, but I didn't know that there's a Carnaval there just before Lent!