Friday, January 11, 2002  [!]

macworld was fun. Saw some other bloggers, found out I missed a weblogger lunch (damn!). Pix to come in a few.

The only worthwhile pic I got from the show floor was the contrarian perspective to how exciting the show was...

macworld snooze:
This couple was clearly underwhelmed by the show.

Alas, I only used the iMac, I didn't get a shot of it. Actually, I found the show to be better than the couple above depicted, but it was mostly in seeing people. The booth density was thin, as it has been in the last couple of years.

...and speaking of seeing people, I always like the Peachpit Press author party. Why, a few webloggers got together there (and that's where I learned that I missed the luncheon. damn!)

dori glenn susan tom:
Dori Smith (half of Backup Brain), Glenn Fleishman, moi, and Tom Negrino (the other half of Backup Brain)

Aaaah.... meeting in the flesh and taking silly pictures of taking pictures....

glennf and camera:

dori tom kiss:
Tom and Dori demonstrate a little "geek love"

After the Peachpit Party, some of us went to some other party in a little bar... A few highlights:

wanted moores law:
Cool poster. Want one yourself? I'm told they're here.

The band playing is called Those Darn Accordions. They played very danceable music.

darn accordions:

squeezebox supreme:

female accordionist: