Monday, December 31, 2001  [!]

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

The Rose Parade floats are done.... What you see here aren't all of them, there are four sites where the floats are constructed... these are just the ones from Fiesta Floats, the place that's closest to where I live.

(oh and thanks, Dave W, for the kind words (and link) about the pix of the floats and all. Funny, that. For two years I've wanted to blog the floats-in-progress. Two years ago I'd just begun blogging, and didn't get my digital camera in time, and last year I was laid out flat sick and didn't even make it to see the Fiesta Float Fest.)

As of New Year's Eve morning, the floats are complete!!! And after hosting a breakfast party for a few friends, we all went to see the floats. My friend the tourguide gave me special creds to get in up close and photograph, so you all benefit from that. :D

Anyway, there's a page of Rose Parade Completed Floats that has a ton of images, from which the set below is just a sample....

bp dino duo:

ontario hollywood:

fountain flower closeup:

ftd madhatter:

rainbird tigercubs:

dr pepper drummer:

. . . .

Have yourself a Happy New Year!