Saturday, December 29, 2001  [!]

Everything's comin' up roses That big old parade is gonna happen early next week. You know, the flower one? The one that makes Fred & Mildred, of Buffalo, New York, or from the Great Lakes area look at the sunshine and clear air and flowers on TV and say, "That's it! We gotta get ourselves outta here!" Yeah, you know which one I'm talking about.

So... have you ever wondered how those pretty floats get decorated? What do the days leading up to New Year's look like in Rose Float decoration land?

Here are a few snaps from Fiesta Floats Decorating Central, which is not very far from where I live.... (and, once you've seen these, you can see more on this biiiig image-heavy page)

zoomed out:
Here at Fiesta Floats, scaffolding surrounds some half a dozen or more floats... and assembly and decoration is the order of the day.. er, days... this activity begins Dec 26th and continues until early morning, December 31st, when the judges come to judge the floats.


fruit n chili dinosaur:
Yes, anything that's made of vegetation can go on a float. Fruit! Chilis! Lettuce. Anything!

scaffold wheat grass:
Yep, those decorators get to climb waaaay up high to get to each and every part of the float.

tiger decorating:

tiger decorated:

woman pink flowers:

See more pictures (image heavy page)