Thursday, December 20, 2001  [!]

I'll have what she's having Remember When Harry Met Sally? This post is a thought about a scene in it (no, not that one)...ya know, the one that's a split screen view of Harry and Sally, each at home on their respective beds, watching a movie on TV and talking to one another on the fone about it. Fast-forward a dozen years Today's similar scene would be a split-screen view of them both at home, on respective computers, surfing to the same web sites and talking about it on the fone. There's gotta be a catchy term for that.. what would it be?

I find your lack of faith disturbing An image of a particular gargoyle on the Washington National Cathedral. [via Black Hole Brain, via MetaFilter] I thought it must be a joke (but how? is a legit epispocal website!), but those clever MeFi-ers sleuthed out the explanation.

oh shit. I lost it all. was composing stuff to post and it's all gone. I'll try again.

It's about flow, baby I got a nice email today from Mike Sanders. Subject line: "I publicly voted for you." Yes, it's about the Scripting News Awards (in which I am nominated in two categories). After the dustup this week, he's got an interesting take on the whole thing, and proposes an idea (of which his email was a part). What's the idea? Why, you'll have to click and see!

Oh, and Mike, thanks for the public nod! (You too, Garret!)

Now, what were those other things that got lost? <sigh>

L.A. Times: Cure for the common cold? New drugs that do something to the cold virus, 'steada treating cold symptoms.

Viruses are tiny capsules of protein that are much smaller than bacteria--the common analogy is that if a bacterium is equivalent to the size of a human, then a virus would be as large as an arm. Unlike almost any other living organism, viruses are incapable of reproducing themselves.

Instead, they must slither through a cell's wall and commandeer the host's genetic machinery, using it to churn out identical copies of themselves.

The two cold remedies now in the pipeline prevent this replication, thwarting the viruses without causing any apparent collateral damage in the host cells.

L.A. Times: 88 LA Firefighters help out their NY Brethren.

The group was organized by firefighter John Whiteside at Station 79 in the Antelope Valley and Capt. Chuck Broman of Station 110. All who joined paid their own way, and they are quick to point out that those who couldn't go covered the shifts of those who did, without being repaid.

...But the L.A. firefighters found they were able to help their counterparts by sharing some of the emotional burden. Carillo noted that "they couldn't really talk to their fellow firefighters, because they were all going through it, and they couldn't talk to their families because they didn't want to worry them even more. And civilians on the street wouldn't understand. So here we were, and they saw that we're the same, we're brothers, so they just started pouring it out, and it started snowballing."