Wednesday, December 19, 2001  [!]

Yes, we get fall colors in California. From around Thanksgiving to Christmas. Here are some leaves from the Santa Ynez Valley, taken in Solvang the day before the satellite launch.

red tree leaves:

more leaves:

weathervane leaves:

Beautiful Saw a preview of "A Beautiful Mind" tonight. I recommend it heartily.

on writing and stories Paul Auster, the instigator and compiler of The American Story Project, on writing in this Guardian Unlimited interview [via Wanna Write]:

This sense of connection with strangers - the reason why writing is never going to die out, in spite of all the dire predictions that are made about fiction, in particular, but the written word in general. A book, a piece of paper, a piece of printed paper with words on, written by one person addressed to others, is the only place in the world, I believe, that two absolute strangers can meet on the deepest level. It's something that reinforces our common humanity.

Time Machine ...seeing a movie that spanned some 40 years, I checked the continuity of one of the props (was that really around in the 50s?), and found these: Plastic in the 50s, 60s products (thanks to advances in food packaging, we could now get milk in cardboard cartons!), 70s products (remember Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo?)