Tuesday, December 18, 2001  [!]

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Remember that doctor in 'Sleeper'? "What, they hadn't heard of Deep Fat?" Whaddaya know, maybe Woody Allen was right! Science News Online: Valuable Vices Researchers uncover the heathful side of hedonism.

Sex, alcohol, and high-fat foods may help people live longer.
That's right, new research suggests that -- in some cases -- this naughty trio may actually help people avoid heart disease, stroke, and live a longer life.

... "One endearing explanation is that pleasure is actually health-giving," [epidemiologist Stephen] Frankel told Science News.

Okay, time for topical humor

Consider the source This, from my brother, who flies air force cargo planes and from whom I heard about Diego Garcia before it was a household term...

Didja hear there was an airline offering a really special low fare? 39 bucks for a flight from JFK to JFK Jr.

Iraq—The Musical! From April Winchell (daughter of Paul), who has a radio show newsletter, Winchell Wiper (12/17 issue), comes the Iraqui National Theatre musical... oh, the song titles are a treat. Here's a sampling:

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Zabiba
- Submitted by Bob

Saddam Chanted Evening
Lady in Red Burlap
Let's Cut the Whole Thing Off
- Submitted by Craig

Title: Please don't eat the daisycutters
Song: I'm gonna wash that girl right out of my harem
- Submitted by Paul and Ellen

Midnight Plane to Jordan
- Submitted by Ross

Roll over Jehovah
Hey Jew
Saddam! It's been good to know you!

and the winner is...

"ZABIBA" (to the melody of "Maria")

Zabiba, I just met a girl named Zabiba
I'm suddenly aware
How sexy facial hair can be
 . . .  and more

Thanks to RB for making me aware of April, who also has a weblog.