Sunday, December 16, 2001  [!]

Yesterday was my grandpa's birthday. Well, how do I put that. It would have been his birthday? It's still his birthday, the anniversary of his birth. His hundred-and-first. But this is the first year that he's not here for it. I'm so glad that last year for his hundredth we all had a big big gathering (in cold upstate New York wintertime).

The year in books LA Times has a Best Books of 2001 feature. I skimmed through the different categories, and found a few amusing quips.

Some Fiction Titles that amuse:

One fiction title that came out this year that I read and throughly enjoyed, Passage (by Connie Willis) was not on the list. Fooey.

Lots of good stuff in non-fiction. Leonardo is alive and well (and oh how many careers are made about this guy, lo these several centuries later!) Jimmy Carter made the list. A book about hucksters, memoirs, history, science and more.

But where I really found some gems was in the section on The West.

Demo time! I'm showing my weblog to a friend. I am asked, "but what is this? How do you do it? Do you do this every day?" Why yes indeedie, and this typing here is proof that I do this. As to the everyday part, well, we'll have a discussion about vices and addictions in due course! ; )