Thursday, December 13, 2001  [!]

Slouching toward solstics According to the Stormfax Celestial almanac, we've had the earliest sunset already, last Saturday on December 8. But the shortest day is to come, when the sun stands still... December 21.

Geminids tonight. (another meteor shower). According to The Arizona Republic, "The best time to look for meteors is from 10 p.m. Thursday until sunrise Friday." And's Geminid page discusses the Radiant: importance of the radiant (the place the meteors come from)

THE RADIANT: Meteors will appear to emanate from a point in the sky called the radiant, which starts low in the east-northeast horizon in early evening and is nearly overhead by 1 a.m. (local time at all mid-northern latitudes).

Eclipse tomorrow! Do not look straight into the sun. Your eyes cannot take this. This has been discussed before. Griffith Observatory tells best viewing times for Los Angeles. Maximum eclipse here (only about 10%) is 1:10 pm.

Stardate discusses both.

Here come da judge FUN!!! I just did my part to judge a contest— Strange New Worlds ... images made with the new world-generating application, Mojoworld. (aaack, at least one judge's delinquency is contributing to the late announcement of winners. My bad.)