Wednesday, December 12, 2001  [!]

Mental Map, World Map, Shuttle Map, but not Military Map In February 2000, the Space Shuttle Endeavor circled the earth bunches of times, gathering 3D height data of nearly the whole planet. All that data (more bits than whole Library of Congress contains, sez Wired) is being processed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (a.k.a. JPL) in Pasadena. However, since 9-11, the military's been wary about its release (see 12-3-01 article from Pasadena Star News). But sane heads have prevailed, and the military's gonna go for the release of mapping data—at least of the U.S. sites. And yes, I want some of that! To go in Bryce! :D

SRTM is one of those acronyms that stands for Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, but seeing as how scary the military finds this information, I think it should be renamed to Scarily Realistic Terran (terrorist? target? topographic?) Maps.

NASA's SRTM site.

GeoCommunity's SRTM news page

Here's the take from Nando Times (written, surprise! by Andrew Bridges!), and Wired news

....why do I find all this NASA stuff so fascinating? Is there a connection between the recent Jason launch (and its radar topography of the ocean surfaces) and the Shuttle radar topography of the landmasses? Yes, there's a common thread, not the least of which is that radar is a palindrome! ; ) Wow! say it backwards: wow!

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Megway's a scream!!

Bryce 5.0.1..... I knew there'd be a dot-release eventually According to Version Tracker, Bryce 5.0.1 is available for download—Mac and Windows. For Bryce Lightning updates, go Here (mac) or here (win ). What's new in 5.0.1? I don't yet know what all's in there.

Speaking of miffed... Jeff got one. So did I. So my "backup dialup ISP" included with email and hosting, at $30 bucks a month (I have DSL, but I used Best/Verio when I was on the road) is now gonna cost me another $22 bucks per month. How is Verio doing its Best for me? Turning a $30 expense into a $52 expense. Ouch!