Monday, December 10, 2001  [!]

Looks as tho all the links today are either space-related or somehow related to 9-11 and its aftermath and implications...


More satellite launch stuff more Jason news stories. I added them to the Jason page so they'd all be together.

Leonid follow-upSpeaking of space thangs, there's a Leonid followup on Leonid Meteor Shower Forecasts: 'It Looks Like We All Were Wrong' Meteor forecasting is still a relatively young science.

Were the Leonids not enough for you? Try the Geminids! Geminids will peak Thursday night/Friday morning this week. This could be addicting!

Just in case you were curious... This page answers a question posed by a friend, how fast does a flying object have to go to travel the same speed as the earth... or, more precisely, a geosynchronous orbit?

TLAs and then some (TLA=three letter acronym) This page is a guide to acronyms in the Earth Science Missions.... After seeing the launch of something called TIMED, which uses instrumentation referred to as SEE SABER TIDI GUVI. (sounds like See spot run. Run spot, run! ..or...TIDI GUVI, SABER, TIDI! ), I appreciate knowing that there's one of these things for the Acronym See Spot Run primer.

Well, this ain't exactly space.... ..but the Deepartment of the Interior's websites were down over the weekend. Reuters, Wired, and Daypop News sites cover the story.

9-11 related....

Your government at work L.A. Times: Bush Writes Off Congress, Takes Reins in War

The message from the Senate Democrats to the Bush White House last week was: Let's be partners in the war against terrorism.

....The Bush team responded with a clear but polite "No, thank you."

If it's true, will Bush, Ashcroft & friends allow it to be broadcast?
Times of India: 'Osama wants to die live on Al Jezeera' The opposite of "Survivor"—something to fire up the jihadis.

Bin Laden’s desire to die in the flickering blue light of more than a billion television sets all over the world may be of a piece with with the strategy of executing live televised attacks on the World Trade Center exactly three months ago, they said.

According to reports in the British media, the remarkable claim by Bin Laden’s estranged wife, Sabiha on Russian television, emphasised his desire to motivate others to continue the fight against America.

YAbLV... which stands for Yet Another binLaden Video... this one that implies guilt.

[Veep Cheney, Dep Defense Sec'y Wolfowicz and JointChief of Staff Baker agree that] the tape seems to prove Washington's case against Bin Laden beyond any doubt. But they said the administration has not yet decided whether it will be made public to overcome questions that have been raised in parts of the Arab world about whether Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terror network were guilty of planning the attacks. Asked whether it would be a smart move to release the tape, especially to the increasingly aggressive Arab media, as proof of Bin Laden's responsibility, Cheney said, "I don't know whether it would or not. Somebody who's more knowledgeable than I am would have to figure that out."
Well, after all this "trust us" talk, I'd like to see some first-hand evidence to back things up. And who the heck would know more than Cheney?

9-11 & the internet This looks like an interesting read (so far I only skimmed): First Monday's discussion of 9-11 and internet coverage [via Scripting News]

Abstract: The coverage of the disaster in the U.S. on and subsequent to 11 September 2001, on various information channels throughout the world, was extensive. Written, spoken and visual material was produced and broadcast at unprecedented speed by sources ranging from authoritative journalistic channels, to official political spokespersons, to 'unofficial' sources and private persons posting comment on the Web via new Web-based news services, discussion and e-mail lists. The differing speed of response on the Web by the media industry, political and government channels reflected their organizational characteristics and the differing flexibility of reactions to extreme events. This paper traces a timeline of different aspects of news coverage during the week immediately following the disaster, and then over subsequent, more reflective, weeks. The material is used to show how a single dramatic event happening locally reverberates globally, and the impact of the developing global information infrastructure (GII) on these phenomena, geographically, temporally, and sectorally.
Doc Searls did more than I did and actually read it. His comments are here. He says that the article "not only fails to mention weblogs, but also just about every other online journal that operates outside the print-defined mainstream."

T stands for Terrorist. T + Reason = Treason Reason (as in thinking thoughtful thoughts) in the face of terrorism, is treason. Or so implies Frank Rich, in the NY Times: Confessions of a Traitor. He begins his editorial with the statement, "It's no longer just politically incorrect to criticize George W. Bush or anyone in his administration these days — now it's treason." ..then goes on, commiting acts of treason left and right as he asks, well, reasonable questions. (hence my little T+reason equation).

As for the screening of passengers, Mr. Mineta proudly said in answer to a question from Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes" last Sunday that he wanted to give the same level of scrutiny to a 70-year-old white woman from Vero Beach as he would to a young Muslim man from Jersey City. (And based on my own air security experiences, he's getting what he wants.) To use Mr. Gerson's language, it's sick that amid a Justice Department crackdown that indiscriminately (and often pointlessly) rounds up young men for questioning on the basis of their ethnicity, the administration is not practicing such profiling at the venue where the strongest case can be made for it — the airports where 19 hijackers jump-started their crime. Such inconsistency of law enforcement is beyond the Keystone Kops — it's absurdity worthy of the Marx Brothers.
Harvesting wind U.S. Farmers double cropping corn and wind. [via dangerousmeta] (I know, I know, categorizing this under post 9-11 is stretching it)
A farmer in Iowa who leases a quarter acre of cropland to the local utility as a site for a wind turbine can typically earn $2,000 a year in royalties from the electricity produced. In a good year, that same plot can produce $100 worth of corn.

...Satisfying the local demand for electricity from wind is not the end of the story. Cheap electricity produced from wind can be used to electrolyze water, producing hydrogen, now widely viewed as the fuel of the future. With automobiles powered by fuel cell engines expected on the market within a few years and with hydrogen as the fuel of choice for these new engines, a huge new market is opening up.

This is wonderful. Especially in the wake of 9-11, we need alternatives to oil as an energy source. And that ol' musical song takes on a cha-ching meaning: Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain.....And when we say--Yeeow! A-yip-i-o-ee ay! We're only sayin' You're doin' fine, Oklahoma! Oklahoma--O.K.

Post-9/11 hedonism The Weekly Standard: The Meaning of Mashed Potatoes "People are drinking, smoking, eating, and loving more since September 11. Good for them." On the topic of food, one stock that's gone up in the last three months is Krispy Kreme. (I learned this from a friend who owns some shares) People turn to comfort food. And those donuts aren't as expensive as, say, a Segway's gonna be when it makes it onto market.