Tuesday, December 4, 2001  [!]

uh oh! The Braintrust (British Son of The Onion): Anthrax found in email attachment "It seems that Middle Eastern warmongers have succeeded in creating a strain of anthrax which can be sent as an email attachment."

The Times of India has several stories of interest right now:

I usually don't step into this one too much.... The tragedy of open source. Migration path from Zope (open source) to Frontier/Manila. And corporate IT department policies.

are you an e-bore? I'm just about average, which is "You're displaying early symptoms of e-bore Syndrome, though it's not too late. Just watch what you're wearing." Some questions don't apply (I have no TV, and by now all my grandparents have died). [via dangerousmeta]

Purty Pitchers It's been a while since I posted pictures, and I'm behind in some areas. So, starting with oldest first and moving on to recent, may I present to you...

Hal and Ian Rager!! From my Thanksgiving trip to Las Vegas.....

hal thesis gloat:
Hal gloats over his thesis. This was days before he turned it in and was done done done!

ian is so cute:
Baby Ian is soooooooo cute!! This is the other half of this recursive picture. What was I shooting when I was being shot? Now you know.

. . . . .

Elephants and Full Moons

elephant full moon:
The new outdoor mall (oh, 'scuse me, it's an 'Entertainment Complex') at Hollywood and Highland (where there's yet another loud clattery California Pizza Kitchen, a Starbucks, the Kodak Theatre (home of the future Academy Awards), and a hotel....captured by a photographer with a snarky attitude, waiting for the right moment to capture the full moon peeking from behind the clouds.

Just another Wintry Sunset and oh, yesterday's was rather spectacular. Here are two views of the clouds to the west....

details in clouds:

sunset red glow: