Sunday, December 2, 2001  [!]

One thing leads to another and Paul Boutin's discussion of IT (code name Ginger) eventually led me to this wishlist: Gifts for laid-off employees. Amusing.

IT..., unthinkable! Thought-provoking!

"Now, stop," Kamen says. How? This thing has no brakes. "Just think about stopping." Staring into the middle distance, I conjure an image of a red stop sign--and just like that, Ginger and I come to a halt.

[Of Kamen, Ginger's inventor...] He also owns an island off the coast of Connecticut. He calls it North Dumpling, and he considers it a sovereign state. It has a flag, a navy, a currency (one bill has the value of pi) and a mutual nonaggression pact with the U.S., signed by Kamen and the first President Bush (as a joke, we think).

What is Ginger? The Segway. And look! There's already a weblog devoted to it!

A thought for Advent CS Monitor: Looking for God everywhere but in church A review of Robert Fuller's book, Spiritual but not religious: Understanding Unchurched America.

Some 20 percent of Americans now fit into this (spiritual but not religious) category, he (Fuller) says. Fuller also shows that this is not just a recent phenomenon, but one with roots in Colonial America and readily traceable developments throughout US history. (It might surprise many, for example, that at the time of the Revolutionary War, only 15 percent of early Americans belonged to any church.)
The CS Monitor reviews several books on religion/spirituality:

Time...has passed so quickly QuickTime is 10. Not 1.0 (one-point-oh) but TEN!

....with freedom and justice for... some?!? NY Times Editorial: Justice Deformed: War and the Constitution (registration required)

The United States, which constantly criticizes other countries for holding secret trials, and for refusing to guarantee political prisoners due process, is breaking faith with its own standards.

It has nothing to do with software for burning CDs Spotted in Hollywood: The Toastmobile!

Downtown L.A. outdoor ice skating Well, I've now been there. It's an outdoor rink, in the downtown square. Kinda small. Pleasant under a full moon, tho it was crowded and the ice was chewed up. And when I first went onto the ice, I didn't think very carefully about how ice blades grip ice far more than rollerblades grip sidewalk, so now I've got some purple knees to help me think more carefully next time.