Friday, November 30, 2001  [!]

Rest in Peace, George Harrison. (see Craig's Booknotes for more)

Jason and the Topography-nauts Jason is on the lauchpad! T-minus 7 days and counting. And God willing and the crik don't rise, I'll be at the launch, shooting (and later blogging) it. :D It will also be webcast.

From the Nov 19 Press release: The Dec. 7 launch of Jason 1, NASA's newest oceanography satellite, will continue the mission started by Topex/Poseidon to monitor global climate interactions between the sea and the atmosphere.

Jason 1 will monitor world ocean circulation, study interactions of the oceans and atmosphere, improve climate predictions, and observe events like El Nino. Jason 1 is a joint U.S./French oceanography mission. [Read More]

10-day weather outlook for Vandenberg AFB; the showers we're expecting will be gone by the middle of the week.

Cold and Crisp What to do in L.A. during the California winter season (admittedly lightweight to those of you in colder climes, but hey; we feel the change here, too)? Ice Skating! In Downtown L.A. At an outdoor rink! For the last coupla years I've been saying, Oh, I oughtta go. I think that this is the year for it.