Thursday, November 29, 2001  [!]

Why I love the web, reason # 20011129: I'm working on a little story of childhood Christmas, and thanks to Google, I've honed in on a little doll from my past: Color Magic Barbie. Aaah! that little harlequin checked bathing suit in this picture looks familiar. (page from whence picture came). More Color Magic Barbies.

Also: Barbie in the Sixties.

After the assassination of President Kennedy America was beginning to realize that the fifties way of life was quickly disappearing. Amidst the confusion and chaos of the new era, Barbie would not wear or do anything that did not portray a positive American image. Barbie modeled some fashions strikingly similar to Jackie O's until her marriage to Ari Onassis started a scandal within the American public. Her image was tainted, and Barbie could not be associated with that which would potentially harm her own.
Geez; I didn't know *any* of that. I just wanted a Barbie doll, and yearned after those little packages of clothes.

And I knew that Barbie was made by Mattel, and we'd pass Mattel on the way to the big Los Angeles airport. I always kept a lookout for those big Mattel buildings on the way.