Sunday, November 25, 2001  [!]

Wow.... a week since I flipped the page. I guess I'm giving thanks for the fact that I'm not so addicted to blogging that I can't let it go for a bit. :D

Then again, there's nothing to kill a blog streak than to promise to post a bunch of pictures and then not doing so. (well, if I haven't posted those pix, I can't post ANYthing!) Doo Dah will show up eventually, and when it does, they'll go on the appropriate page.

Of course, Hal has a word (and image) on some of my whereabouts this week... family thanksgiving in Las Vegas. So I got to meet Ian.... who is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! (and yes, I also got caught in some traffic jams driving to and from Las Vegas, and on this trip discovered the wonders of The Mad Greek in Baker, California.)

All your, tourist... are belong to us What is this, internet humor fusion? As in Jazz fusion? First there was all your base, then the tourist guy, and now this!! (requires Flash) [Via Scoble]

Tourist Dude: The WTC Tourist Dude

speaking of internet humor.... heh..... I *may* —just may— have some more words of wisdom on some popular current internet humor! Stay tuned!

I've got to say that I'm rather proud of one of the items in the Daypop Top 10 searches list: Yet you still manage to have a social life. When the quiz was going around, I looked for those whose results were like mine. And this was my strategy, to put those words in a Daypop search string. Hmmm.. a little while later, guess what's in in the Top 10?