Saturday, November 17, 2001  [!]

Star Shawahs tonight (tomorrow technically, but when it's after dark and before I go to sleep, then it's tonight).

Iridium flash..or is that flare? I learned that we in the area near Pasadena are gonna have another interesting celestial phenomenon at 5:40 pm pacific— an Iridium flash. One of the Iridium satellites will be positioned in such a way that its highly reflective antenna will bounce sunlight from the sun into Pasadena. Presumably it can be seen from other places in the southland, but not as brightly as here.

I have no idea how often these things occur, or where you can find out about the next Iridium flare in your area. Hmmm.. a search for Iridium flash on google didn't come up with anything; maybe the term I should have looked under is Iridium Flare. Aha! Here's a page with flare pix. Cool. gives out flare predictions based on your location. Woo hoo. So actually, tomorrow morning at 5 am there'll be a bright one where I am, I don't have to drive a few miles to Pasadena to see it.

Scary Bush and the Constitution stories, redux Frank McPherson, in commenting on the NY Times editorial, Travesty of Justice, which discusses the "end run around the Constitution" by the Bush administration (Bush is the sole person deciding who should come before the tribunals), notes the following (gulp):

And what is even more scary is that this power is being given to the man who executed more people than any other man in our country.