Friday, November 16, 2001  [!]

Brief hiatus. Who'd a thunk it? Deciding to back up the computer after putting it off for too long, so that there was 4.5 gigs of material to update, and the razzum frazzum way that my DAT drive interprets 125 meter tapes (which should be good for oh, 6-7 gigs) as being capable of holding a mere 1.5 gigs on it, and my not deciding to babysit the process meant that I'd change a tape, go out for the evening, return home, change a tape, go to bed, then wake up and change a tape... it took damn near 18 hours and four tapes to do the backup. Talk about 'spensive tapes, too. Sheesh. I coulda done as well on cheaper 90-meter tapes.

Why I have not —nor will not—adopted the directory thang that I coulda done somewhere here on this Manila site. I thought about that SuperOpenDirectory thing that had all the great central Asia news sources. But I hate the fact that I can't fathom the top level of the structure. And that I have to click umpteen times to learn that really, I'm at a dead end.

I go to the beginning. Okay. Mind you, I'm looking for that Central Asia News Sources thing.

okay, it must be under publications. I click publications. new page loads......

They were news sources. So I'll pick News. I click News. new page loads......

Um, let's see... Central Asia. Region looks like the best one. I click Region. new page loads......

Asia. Cool. One more click, one more page load, and I'll get to where I want. I click Asia. New page loads......

NOPE! I'm screwed. Fooey. Fooey twice. Five (well, okay, four actually) clicks in order to find out that I can't find what I want to find. Bleah. Ick. Waste of time.

I think that Doc links to it on his blogroll side bar. I'll go load up his site to find the link.

But instead of doing that, I'll take screenshots and post a rant on my site instead. (Why don't you tell us how you *really* feel about this Directory thang, Susan?)

Same kinda problem here in Adam Curry's MTV Chronicles directory. Great stuff, let me at it, but don't make that alphabetical list such a barrier to me.

Why, why, why in Murphy's name can't I take a look at a page that shows me the whole damn outline view? Surely the technology is in there, hidden way deep? Any person who understands how humans operate will agree that Recognition is easier than recall; I'd rather look at the whole shebang and recognize the one I want, rather than having to recall stuff. The computer underneath knows all the stuff‚—it's just an outline, right?—why can't it let me see it in expanded form and have me recognize it? Why do I have to go clicking one at a time like a feeble rat in a silly maze? Can't I look at the maze from above and then reach in to grab my little pellet? Until I can, Directories are for other people. Not me.

I gotta get back to work. Web surf break time is over. I wasted it on this rant, not on finding some news from Central Asia.

Weird weekend coincidinces. Today a movie opens; it's the story of a boy who goes to a magic school, the main hall of which has a magic ceiling that lets you look at the sky. And then there's a biiiiig meteor shower this weekend, too. (nope, not gonna see movie 'till next week; weekend's too full of fun stuff, like meteors, Frankie Manning Swing Dance workshop and Doo Dah!! Oh yeah, and Nick Bantock --of Griffin and Sabine fame--is doing a booksigning at Vroman's in Pasadena tomorrow.)

Am I right? Misheard lyrics and song parodies. Mondegreens was a topic some time back on this site, but this Amiright site [via a friend, email] also has song parodies. Now you can know every variation of what everyone thought they heard to Elton John's Bennie and the Jets, and then some.

Love to hate Microsoft? Dave W on Scripting News pointed to this billboard, which was (ahem) editorialized by someone who really knew the truth about Windows XP.

I'm finally hearing mainstream news coverage about the implications of the so-called PATRIOT act that was passed in congress. Dubya sez, "They hate us for our freedom." Well, now that the bill has passed, they should hate us less, because we are less free. Dave W has lotsa good linkage about this.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. (There's fear and then there's fear. This is not "The terrorist are gonna get us!" fear.)

This is the kinda stuff that makes a person wish Attorney General Ashcroft a very, prolonged and painful death....when that time comes. [via Looka!]