Monday, November 12, 2001  [!]

Oh. yesterday and the day before were binary days. I missed 'em both. Well, I missed blogging them. I lived through them, every second, so I didn't miss *that*.

Geez... lotsa stuff today. Yes, the American Airlines crash. Sigh. Double sigh.

Irony Plug-in... [via email from a friend] "Never feel intimidated by someone else's intelligence again!" The plugin helps you recognize irony, sarcasm, and other linguistic forms of humor on other web sites.

Why I love the web (and this weblog), case number 457.6829 A visitor to my site turns out to be a long-lost friend from junior high school. Wow.

Doonesbury: "the preceding views were brought to you by a free press, the right to which is currently being defended." [via diveintomark]

The Times of India describes what it's like for Mazar-i-Sharif now that Taliban rule has ended. [via dangerousmeta]

Last night I went to see a play called "Shelter," written and performed by Ann Randolph. It's a comedy about a woman called Annie who works at a homeless shelter. Randolph portrays all sorts of characters, ranging from Annie (a burnt-out idealist who's a little too gullible in the face of some of the tall tales told by the women in the shelter); Brandy, one of the psychotic women who's at the shelter; Julie, a sunbeam-emitting evangelical Christian who's there to coach the women on faith; Irene, a woman whose story includes public betrayals of infidelity and a twist on the signage of Self-Storage, plus a host of other characters, all brilliantly done. I feel so self-conscious when writing all manner of superlatives about the show, but there it is. Amazing, Astounding. She's performing Shelter, along with another play, "Squeeze Box" (about what happens with online dating) this Friday night in Laguna Beach at the Festival of Arts Forum Theatre.

L.A. Times Hollywood Signs on to Assist War Effort. "[Karl] Rove and industry representatives, perhaps mindful of concerns in some quarters of Hollywood that the White House is seeking a war propaganda arm, repeatedly said afterward that there was no overt attempt to dictate the content of movies or television."

Harry Potter Premiere. The Guardian has a buncha coverage of the film's premiere on November 4th. Photo gallery: Notice all the poppies being worn by J.K. Rowling, others, for Remembrance Day. More on poppies.