Friday, November 9, 2001  [!]

Schadenfreude ... that's what Andrew Leonard at Salon calls it...

As the world economy sinks ever further into recession, stories of high fliers brought down to earth are hardly unusual. But Enron's abrupt transformation into dot-com blow-out wannabe deserves special attention -- and for those of us who live in California, impels the kind of schadenfreude that you can't shake, no matter how hard you try.

oh.. what does schadenfreude mean, you ask? It's taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others. Great word, no?

So... thanks to a couple of readers who wrote me in response to yesterday's question what's the web site that draws the relationship between board members of various corporations They Rule, I uncovered a little interesting ditty. Ken Lay, the Chairman and CEO of Enron, also sits on the board of Compaq comptuer, where a person named Michael D. Capellas also sits. What other board is Capellas on? Why, Dynegy, the company that's looking to acquire Enron. Fascinating.

Enron's political contributions

Mapping the Internet An Atlas of Cyberspace ... very cool stuff; lotsa different categories. Geographic is interesting, including a look at a San Francisco city map marked with domain name registrations...