Thursday, November 8, 2001  [!]

After days and weeks of this high moisture content in the air, today broke blue and crystal clear, dry and warm. It may even get hot. This is the kinda day that might later turn into a SantaAna wind condition. But for now, I'll enjoy high-contrast lighting.

Duh. I get it now. I think Reading this article about Saudia Arabia [via wood s lot], wherein author Matt Welch describes the conditions inside Saudi Arabia, the kind of help they've given the U.S. post-9/11 (it's a closely guarded secret), and the devil's bargain we've made with them (oil, anyone?), Dubya calls them "our good friends"...and yet, look at their publications ("Zionism … controls most, if not all, of the U.S. media")! look at their human rights (what human rights?)! etc. etc., etc. "When the Village Voice and the Wall Street Journal unite against a common enemy in a time of war, someone’s in deep trouble."

So what's this duh I get it now stuff? Well, a few days after 9-11, I'd hear some radio interview with someone talking about our nation's need to wholeheartedly develop alternate forms of energy. At the time, I paid it only half-hearted attention. My mind was still wrapping itself around the impossibilities of two buildings, each with over 100 sets of concrete molars that ground humans and office furniture into ashes and dust. But now, reading about the bargains we make with other nations who hold one standard for the royal family and another standard for everyone else, I'm thinking, "Wind power! Solar power! C'mon with some of that yankee ingenuity!!!"

Speaking of energy alternatives and the implosion of Houston-based Enron and their conflicts of interests, I'm trying to find that web site mentioned on someone's weblog a while back. You get to make links from one company's board member to other companies that the member also sits on... It's a quite graphic deomonatration of power and confluence. I want to find the names of the board members of Enron, as well as their political contributions. But I can't remember the name of the site. It was so cool, too. UPDATE! Thanks to readers named Mike and Chris who told me the site I'm looking for is called They Rule. It requires Flash 5. Go check it out.

Aaah. The site (which has urls for the people who sit on company boards) led to a story about the connection between CEO Kenneth Lay and George W. Bush.