Wednesday, November 7, 2001  [!]

There's something vaguely familiar about today's date. Oh yeah. A year ago today, we um elected a president. Or tried to. Or something.

Laid off: a story for our times. (requires Flash)

JD Lasica: Weblogs are legit. He posts excerpts from an email interview with The Sacramento Bee:

In the weeks since [the terrorist attacks], people have increasingly turned to weblogs for context, background and understanding about terrorism and the war. For the most part, mainstream media have marched in lockstep with the administration's war efforts. Rarely is heard a dissenting word. Weblogs, on the other hand, revel in the conflicting views, original voices and provocative opinions that are often filtered out by the mainstream media.
Livery and unStable Puns Q points to a funny MetaTalk thread (this is MetaFilter, not anything having to do with the old BryceTalk app). I am so bummed that membership is closed, (no, I didn't sign up earlier, I am *so* uncool) else I'd saddle up and giddyup on over and trot out some of my own contributions. (Katrina, you'll love this!)