Thursday, November 1, 2001  [!]

Happy All Hallows! (last night was All Hallow's Eve).

Welcome to the post-sugary high crash. I had all of one tricker treater last night. oh well.

the new updates/weblogs page provides for some interesting new discoveries: Big Blog Tool

Q: What does BigBlogTool Do?
Non-Technical Answer:
BigBlogTool allows you to update a personal website quickly and without the overhead of manually formatting, archiving or uploading your content. It frees you to work on your content, not your site.
Technical Answer:
BigBlogTool is a template based parsing engine. It takes a template with recognizable tags and parses your content into them then uploads it to your web server.

Servers, Servers The Web Server Survey and the comparison of Zope (5647) to Userland (724) sites that Garret pointed to is interesting. I poked around the details. The survey lists not total number of sites, but of domain names. Weird. This site would fit in both the Apache (; static site) catetgory and the Userland ( category. It didn't show up on the Userland list for .org domains, but maybe after I enter them both on Netcraft's What That Site Running? tool, they might join the larger cloud of sites in the next survey.