Wednesday, October 31, 2001  [!]

Happy Hallowe'en!! Hallowe'en comes but once a year, and this one falls on a blue moon!!! (2nd full moon of the month)

earthquake weather It's getting chilly. Raining. This is not earthquake weather. But a coupla minutes before midnight last night, my monitor began to wiggle a bit. Hm. Was that me? Or is this an earthquake? We've had so many teeny ones lately, maybe it's another one of those. I'd just talked myself out of its being an earthquake (oh, I must've bumped the keyboard) when the monitor began wiggling some more. Okay, that was *not* me. It's an earthquake. Lasted longer than these little bump-the-bed jolts, so it's gotta be a bigger quake from farther away. Yep. A few minutes later, the USGS earthquake site had the data on it. A 5.1 down in Anza, between Palm Springs, the Salton Sea and Oceanside. The L.A. Times has a story on it, but so far Daypop hasn't picked up anything about earthquake and 5.1. Yahoo News has. Strange. Nor is the quake listed on the Did you feel it? page, either. Hey, seriously..... My monitor was wiggling a bit and I wasn't the one doing it!

Plutonium Scowcroft: From plutonium to plowshares. Enriched weapons-grade uranium is relatively easy to blend in with regular uranium. Plutonium—dangerous for millenia—is much harder.

A Jew in the Mosque Salon interviews Yossi Klein, author of At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden: A Jew's search for God with Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land.

Search update Okay, yesterday I added a search capability. It doesn't work on the static site, so I may have to take it down. Sigh. Plus, there's stuff in the search algorithm that is strange. I did a search for 'taliban' and the only page it turned up was yesterday's entry. What? Here are the Google results for Taliban on this site. Maybe I'll look at the Google macro for searching.