Saturday, September 29, 2001  [!]

Obsessed. I am obsessed over all this information about what's going on. Totally and completely obsessed. My obsession sorta bothers me. Can't I just... well, forget it for a little while? So the fact that I went a whole day without posting is a little consolation.

What did I do instead? I had lunch with a friend. We talked about, well, you know, that horrible event. I talked about the nuclear holocaust with a suitcase bomb dream I had the other morning (I was the one with the suitcase, or else was in the same room with the person who was about to detonate the bomb).

After lunch, I went to a bookstore, hoping to find the Jihad vs McWorld book I read about last Sunday in the L.A. Times. Nope. All out. Hafta special order or wait for the new ones to arrive.

Well, there I was on the Political Science shelf. Anything else enlightening? I saw (and purchased) two books: The CIA & American Democracy, by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones. A few pages into it, I think it'll be an informative read. The back cover had good blurbs. I'll keep ya posted.

The other book I got was a book of essays, Waiting for the Barbarians by Lewis Lapham. The book begins with a poem of the same name as the book, of Roman consuls and praetors dressed up to impress the barbarians that are coming. The introduction says that although the essays were...

"written in a response to a series of unrelated events caught up in the current of the news—the bombing in Oklahoma City, Nick Nolte's interpretation of Jefferson in Paris, Senator Robert Dole's farewell address to the United States Senate—they all touch upon the forms of magical thinking that induce our own latter-day consuls and praetors imagine that somehow they can make good their escape into the land of wish and dream."
I'll let you know how the book is.

Later, I got together with another friend, and we sat around eating pizza and reading the L.A. Times. I was floored by this article , Mostly, they just waited, that traces the steps of the hijackers in Europe and America, recording where they were, and the impression they made on those who were around them. How... how... could they go from being the kind of people described there to those who could fly planes into buildings stretches my comprehension beyond its farthest reach.

Later, we watched a TV show where a group of firemen from Ladder 6 told of their miraculous survival of the fall of Tower 1. The interviews were gripping. But man, most of the oh-please-pull-yer-heartstring narration with background music guaranteed to make you weep was a leetle much. I'd only watched about an hour of coverage on that Tuesday itself, and, not having a TV, I felt the full impact of the newsy-format show that my friend has long since learned to tune out.

When I got home and checked email, I'd gotten yet another of those petition about Afghan women emails. So I sent a response saying that tho the info is accurate, the petition won't do any good, and read these two web pages to learn more.

So, for a day that was spent away from the net, I'm glad I got a little break from my current obsessions about terrorism, war and the apocalypse.

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But the story still gets posted. Wonder if there's a glitch with one of those new fixes? Or is it just me? Oops! more data! I saw that this page didn't get rendered to the static site, and when I tried to render it, I got this message:

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Well, I hear that this is a bug that's been fixed, so in short order (I hope) this ought to make it out onto my static site.