Thursday, September 27, 2001  [!]

Virtual Tours of World Trade Center QTVR panoramas and other tours of the WTC in NY, before and after. (Some I've linked to before, but since I learned of some new ones—thanks to the QTVR email list, I thought I'd list 'em all here)

Urban Legends and Folklore about the attacks. Fake pictures. Real pictures. Rumors. Hoaxes.

The Onion's attack coverage is wonderful. Don't miss the Interview with God.

One if by land, two if by sea ...but what about when it's by airliner into the World Trade Center and the warning comes by IM two hours before the crashes?

Sudan Bank Hacked, Bin Laden Info Found, according to a Hacker. Is this what those lawmakers in the ATA mean by making illegally collected evidence admissable?

Nasdaq May Ease Listing Rules. Mebbe until the end of the year?

All your fraud are belong to U.S.—not. White House Will Not Support Push For National ID Card Good. National IDs are prone to fraud. Just look at all those stolen passports that were used for identity and aliases for those hijackers.

left luggage In Hijacker's Bags, a Call to Planning, Prayer and Death

The document is a cross between a chilling spiritual exhortation aimed at the hijackers and an operational mission checklist. With the hijackers all dead, the pages may turn out to provide the most vivid and penetrating glimpse into their mental states and final hours before they embarked on the deadliest act of terrorism in U.S. history.
Guardian Observer: A look at Mohamed Atta, the shy, caring, deadly fanatic. How does this person get to be the sort to fly a plane into a tall building? Also of note: A kind of dual-personality that made his own father not recognize him.
And while it is not hard to see Atta, whose face gazes out from the passport photograph released by the FBI, as that of the mass murderer of Manhattan, el-Amir [a name also used by Atta during his studies in Hamburg] was a shy, considerate man who endeared himself to Western acquaintances.

Such indeed was the gulf between the two that some people, notably his father, insisted last week that Mohamed Atta's identity must have been stolen by the hijackers' leader. That view was given some credibility by a German press report, not denied by the government, that he and two other Hamburg suspects reported in 1999 that their passports had been stolen. However, the same report quoted the Interior Ministry as saying that the reason the three men did so was to obtain new passports, free of stamps that might have jeopardised their chances of obtaining US visas.

I haven't heard any more stories about those whose identities were stolen by the terrorists, after the initial denials and reprisals from a couple of people in Saudi Arabia. Maybe there's more to be learned here.