Monday, September 17, 2001  [!]

Lord have mercy. This backlash killing is utterly, totally horrible.

There are better ways of dealing with grief, shock and fear than doing this kind of dispicable thing.

. . .

Jeremy Bowers drafts an open letter to the media and politicians. He asks, what would it take to get it into the New York Times as a full-page ad?

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The Country Joe and the Fish song (and it's one-two-three, what are we fighting for?) has been running through my head. Afghanistan has more syllables than Vietnam, but it rhymes. hideous.

sorta related discography: Track 5 of Tom's Album is called Waiting At the Border; a song about Desert Storm. I'm gonna dig out that album and listen to that track again.

. . .

I've experienced, once again, what it's like to get actual work done. Hooray.

Craig at BookNotes has lots of good links today, as usual.

Disturbing Search Requests: Here are some recent requests that have reached my siteó plane pictures, second tower explosion, pictures of tower explosion, ground zero. All but tower explosion lead to my pictures of last year's visit to Ground Zero in New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb was detonated in July of 1945 as a test before being deployed in Japan. My visit took place precisely one month before last year's presidential election. I hope that we don't get ourselves into something where we start mucking with unstoppable chain reactions. Atomic, that is. I'm afraid that we're in an unstoppable chain reaction where violence and retaliation begets more violence and retaliation.

don't tread on me: this is the flag called The First Navy Jack, according to <a href="">this description of historical flags</a>.