Wednesday, September 12, 2001  [!]

Just for sanity's sake, the radio was silent for a time this morning. It went on long into the night last night. (I've no TV, so *that* is never on)

Before: Virtual Tour of the World Trade Center. See what was. Two panormaic views from the ground level (including a look up!), and three panorama views from the observation deck atop the buildings.
After: QTVR Panorama The Day After (from across the water looking over into Manhattan).

CNN: Passengers voted to attack hijackers Passengers on the plane that crashed in Philadelphia learned of the WTC crashes in their phone calls with relatives, then they voted to take the plane back.

A firsthand eyewitness report

Amazing photos of New York 50 images. [via kottke]

A list compiled from web reports and surfing: The names of companies and families at various companies and organizations. Also, updates from WTC-based companies [via weblog]

BBC: Survivor of WTC escapes only to find that his sister and niece were on one of the hijacked planes.

flight path of the two boston-la planes animated gif shows their path to LA, the change in direction to New York City.

John Robb pointed to a BBC story about Russian Intelligence agencies working closely with US. A little more perspective . . . WSJ editorial: Peggy Noonan talks with George W. Bush (June 25, 01) about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"How was it with Putin?" I asked.

"It was a big moment," said Mr. Bush. "I found a man who realizes his future lies with the West, not the East, that we share common security concerns, primarily Islamic fundamentalism, that he understands missiles could affect him just as much as us. On the other hand he doesn't want to be diminished by America."

There is so much to try to understand. Comprehending the enormity of the event itself, the loss of lives, is itself more than a person can bear. But to look at what's behind it, what motivated it, what this says about the (changed) world we live in, is harder.

I keep thinking of the statistics that the twin towers were the office spaces of 50,000 people. To put that in perspective, I think of the population of the little city I live in; 30,000+ people live here.

NY Times: Personal accounts

On the street, standing in a shower of office paper and the siding from the building, he [Michael Sheehan, a broker working on the 55th floor of 2 World Trade Center] found a piece of paper. It was an airliner's itinerary, listing information about a flight from Boston to Los Angeles.
"I realized then that it was a commercial flight. Then the second plane hit. I realized then it was terror."

Jon Carroll, on how the rules have changed Welcome to the 21st Century: "We are relearning the lesson we taught the British at Lexington and Concord: If you invent new rules, you'll probably win the game."

"Do you get it now?" Clyde Haberman of the NY Times writes of the events from the Israeli perspective. "It is a question that many Israelis wanted to ask yesterday of America and the rest of the finger-pointing world. Not in a smart-alecky manner. Not to say, 'We told you so.' It was simply a question for those who, at a safe remove from the terrorism that Israelis face every day, have damned Israel for taking admittedly harsh measures to keep its citizens alive." [via Lance Knobel]