Monday, September 10, 2001  [!]

Good Lord! Yesterday I post a cute story about kids jumping up and down to start an earthquake, and at 5 yesterday afternoon, a small (4.2) quake hits L.A. Where was the Epicenter? Just northwest of the La Brea Tar Pits (or L.A. County Musuem of Art), where I happened to be with my family exactly two Sundays ago. In fact, I'd say that the epicenter was in the area of town where we had lunch that day! Where was I yesterday when the quake hit? At a gas station in Hollywood. A little rattlin' and rollin' but not too much. Weird to be out n about when it happened; the usual 'earthquake!' routine is a jump outta bed into the doorway.

kicking ash Last week, a new Disney theme park opened in the greater Tokyo area, across from Tokyo Disneyland. At one point, I considered the irony of going to a foreign country to see something very American. The park features a volcano (20,000 leagues under the sea! Journey to the Centre of the Earth! Jules Verne, woohoo!), and I have it on very good authority that it kicks major ash especially the music. :D

speaking of 'kick a' The Manila changes keep a-coming! Faster home page flips! And a default /stats/ page (one of my recent Manila Wish List items!) Hmmm... the /stats/ thang isn't yet installed on the Manila server I'm using... I'll check back for it.

new! My latest Manila wish list item: Preferences Description what I'd like to see on the Prefs welcome page (the page you see when you first click the Prefs link in the Editorial Menu).