Saturday, September 8, 2001  [!]

Is this the secret behind Black Hole Brain? Reuters: At the center of the Milky Way, there is a black hole. [via Looka!] Exactly 93 million miles across. That's 10 light minutes. Or one astronic unit. That's the same distance as between the sun and this lil' planet of ours. What a co-inky-dink! This distance between Terra and the Sun is trippy; I thought about it while watching the just-post-full moon rise earlier this week. How is it that the size of the sun and moon seems identical to us? And now the black hole has been clocked at 1 a.u.? shazam!

Counting down on Google Dave W points out the first moose, the fourth Doc and the third Dave. Hmmm. Don't even try to find me on the first (or the second, or the third) *page* for Susan (actually, I'm on the 12th<a/> and 13th page.) But I *am* the fourth Kitchens. (hey, don't knock it—it's a household word! ; D )

Manila Love Fest I've been searching for old entries about Manila and putting them in a /manila/ directory here. Set up a new wish list page. The best part of all this is seeing the things I wished for before have come to pass —like referer logs, and all the goodies flowing out of the UserLand Manila Coding Cornucopia this week.

Court and Spark I looooooove that album, too, Craig! Thanks for all the background info!

speaking of love fests and courting and sparking LA Times has a story of love, sex, and trekking in the Himalayas. The U.S. Embassy in Khatmandu has a little pamphlet about, er, lasting implications of cross-cultural romance; it's jokingly referred to as "So, You Wanna Take Your Sherpa Home?"