Friday, September 7, 2001  [!]

I was gonna say "fry-day" and then I thought, but no, weather's been cooler. Then I heard my neighbor's a/c go on. Yikes. It's not hot at all!

Incremental Manila Lotsa cool things happening in Manila-land. The story unfolds here.

And wow! An I wish this image were true has now come to pass (check out your shortcut pages, you Manila folks!) wheeee! Thank you, Brent, Dave and alla UserLand crew. [note: Bryan Bell likes me! he really likes me!]

Yes! Another one of my feature requests implemented!! (I think I have to wait until tomorrow for it all to work, though)

Mail This Story I'll be testing the new mail-this-story macro on my site to see how it works with statically-rendered pages.

Test results: NO GO x 2 (so far):
Well, I've managed to break it in two ways. Sent descriptions of both to the manila-newbies mailing list as well as reporting them here. But this is getting so long, I put my test results into a separate story.

Quick Summary:

of cel fones, antennas Thanks for the feedback by email. I'm hearing a thumbs-down on antenna (tho the Cingular sales guy I just talked to said that there's a 60% chance that it would improve things).

Cell Phone Thanks to Luke of Qube Quorner for telling me about this Cell Phone infosite . Though geared to Toronto, there are lots of phone reviews and information and links to other cell phone pages. [more good cell info links]

Wireless glossary: all sorts of cellular terminology that you didn't know and were afraid of task. Wow, between that and this page detailing all the stuff I can see on my fone in field test mode, I'm understanding a few more things... like that my phone operates at 800 MHz, and the base towers have a range or 6-8 miles apart, and do when I complain of lousy reception, the AT&T person says, "but you've a station within a mile and a half," therefore they won't fix things.

I just wanna borrow some cell phones by different providers for maybe a day (or two at most) at a time, just to go to the places I go and see how the reception is. Is this too much to ask? I gotta hand over my social security number, do a whole service contract and sign up for a year minimum (no penalty for cancellations within a 15 or 30-day time period) just to do it. There's gotta be a better way.

How Stuff Works: How cellular phones work

snail's pace My DSL is going at snail's pace today. ugh.