Tuesday, September 4, 2001  [!]

RTFM It's a quiet web day, but an active in-front-of-the-puter day. I'm working through a set of tutorials for a software app. It's good to do that every once in a while. After all, I also write those kindsa things. It keeps me honest.

aunt anna, redux I've no responses yet to my query about internal cel fone antennas (see yesterday's entry). If anyone's used one of those things, I'd like to know your experiences. I'm not happy with my cel fone reception and I'm trying to decide the least painful way to proceed

(Maybe I should ditch AT&T, current provider with questionable quality local coverage, in favor of Cingular/Verizon, who've got better coverage in the San Gabriel Valley. But that comes with the pain of signing up, discovering how incompatible my current cel fone equipment is with the new offerings, getting pissed off about having to provide a social security number in order to get service, etc.).

If I can somehow make my cel fone reception better, then I don't have to jump through those change-provider hoops.

Where did they go? Remember Dogma 2000? Netdyslexia? they closed shop... and re-opened here!