Saturday, September 1, 2001  [!]

It's September. 2001. I don't know why, but it kinda freaks me out. But today's a day just like yesterday. The sun rises. It's warm. And tomorrow will follow today. But... September...already?!?

Today'll have outages as weblogger migrates to a new server space. Details and updates here.

50 places Andrea (hey, good to see you back on your weblog again after all your labors) points to the National Geographic Traveler: 50 places of a lifetime. Let's see how many I've got:

Urban Spaces

Wild Places

Paradise Found

Country Unbound

World Wonders

Not on the list, but of interest:

Gee... 14 out of 50.. but who's counting? Good thing I've got a lotta frequent flyer miles burning a hole in my pocket. I may cross off another item or two from that list (or my own, personal list) before too long. :D

Also, there are some personal perspectives offerered on other places not in the Big 50 list.