Monday, January 10, 2000  [!]

In contrast to yesterday's Respect and Cluefulness (what was linked to from the site), I begin today with newbie cluelessness. Manila newbie cluelessness, that is! ; ) My own cluelessness.

Flushed with the success of getting all these hits, I began to think of things to do to prettify this site. And, as it would happen, while I was dinking around with cascading style sheets, I put 'em in, but forgot to put in a closing </style> tag. The page display, for less than an hour, was a blank gray. The problem with this is that I could view source for the page all right, but I could not get to the Advanced Prefs page to strip out or fix my cascading style sheet information.

Cheers, whistles and many thanks to André Radke, who read my post on the Manila Newbies discussion group and went and fixed it!!!

Later . . . (noonish)I got a great response to a plea for CSS help on the Manila-Newbies mailing list, too. Lantz Rowland made the excellent suggestion that I set my browser to ignore author style sheets. (so simple in retrospect, so difficult to figure out in the puzzlement of the moment. I guess that 2020 Hindsight is, well, true!)

Small [virtual] world!.. turns out that there's an etp site --ArtisticLicense-- made by some of the BoycottMetastream folk as a way to show support for the MetaCreations products that are seeking new homes. As of 12:30 today, most of the activity is on the discussion part of the page.

Packing for the east coast Just checked the 5-day weather forcast for both here in So Cal and there in upstate New York. The highs there are lower than the lows here. Winter means packing fatter suitcases.

         Lows (5 day)      Highs (5 day)
No. NY   39-35-27-27-19    41-41-41-35-26
So. CA   40-44-46-45-46    70-69-70-71-69