Saturday, January 8, 2000  [!]

Today was a play day... deserved after finishing up a chapter of the book, and because the schedule called for it.

Finally saw Toy Story 2 at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. Go there if you have a chance. What a delight! What a gorgeous gorgeous place! The old movie palace... pristine inside, Wurlitzer organ playing beforehand, none of that nauseating advertisement slide show drek. And digital projection... oh my! That's the cleanest print of a film I've *ever* seen! ; )

The story was fun, the humor good, lighthearted, and zingingly smart at places. I saw John Lasseter at a lecture at "The Academy" (AMPAS, Academy of Motion Picutre Arts and Sciences) within half a year of Toy Story 1 coming out; he emphasized story and characterization...all the technology *serves* that. Well, after Toy Story 2, I can say again that the man practices what he preaches.