Friday, January 7, 2000  [!]

Okay, time to get off the subject of MetaCreations. Besides, I've no idea if anyone has even read this stuff . . . or that stuff.

I'm heading east next week, from sunny and (relatively warm) southern California to cold upstate New York to spend some time with my 99-year old grandfather in the dark of winter.

The powerbook is going with, as are some other traveling digital accountrements. My work on Real World Bryce 4 will continue while there.

I dedicated Real World Bryce 2 to my Grandpa (and my folks), and here's what he had to say in response to the first version, The KPT Bryce Book.

From the New Year's Resolutions Department . . . It is my hopeful intention to post entries in my Lake George Diary here, as a way to explore this here Manila thang as well as to let friends know how I'm doing back there. I got a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera, so this will be visual as well!

Just heard from my cousin, who'll be taking me from the airport area to the lake... we'll be able to get there by Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Also, if I bring my ice skates, I will get to do something that this California grrl has *always* wanted to do -- iceskate outdoors on open, frozen ponds. (I heard that Lake George is not frozen over yet, but Lake Champlain is) It just seems so wonderful and romantic. No Zamboni, and the great out-of-doors!

More random MetaCreations links

Here are two different stories from MacWeek -- one from earlier this week discussing the mystery of MetaCreations' absence from the show, and a end-of-Macworld survey of opinion about what other people think about Meta's new direction and no-show at Macworld.

Also, TechWeb has an interview with Bob Rice, the president of about the recent changes.