Thursday, December 16, 1999  [!]

MetaCreations went and dumped lots of staff this week in a shot-from-the-blue move to get rid of the graphics business and dive headlong into the holy grail of 3D e-commerce visualization.

I used to work for the company. I write books about one of their products, Bryce. I've been reeling. If ever there was a ClueTrain wreck, this is it.

The press release(s) about the change and the reason for it, and the departure of the CEO seeya!

MacWeek's take on it (1/3 of the Carpinteria office laid off? I heard it was more than that!)

MacWorld has a story and also a chronology of the company's history.

MacOS rumors story about it (dated 12/15)

Macintouch is running a special report on it.

Mac News Network's story on it

I may add more stuff here according to my whim and health (I've had the flu).